So It Begins

20130330-075257.jpgOne week without Social Media.

DTG: 20130407@1017

This means no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

The purpose of this quest is to practice serenity through solitude, solitude through serenity and deliberate withdrawal from the afflicative addiction of affirmation. Spefically likes, retweets and endorsements.

This brief hiatus will be a disconnection from my network of personal friends, professional colleagues, and the public in general.

Except for this blog. I need at least one outlet. Or do I? I will find out.

What I will be working on:

  • Maine HR Convention 2013 videography assignment.
  • Today will be spent on developing my Dropbox competency and expertise. This will be used for file sharing with Heather and Jeremy for post production approval before uploading.
  • This will be followed by video editing applicaton expertise – I’m hoping to use my iPad and IMovie for video editing,
  • Then YouTube uploading – which is why YouTube is not included in the Social Media exclusion list.

Also, the following blog titles are in the works:

  • Are You Who You Say You Are
  • The Language of Problem Solving
  • Social Media at the Maine HR Convention 2013. A list of channels, hashtags and presenter blogs.
  • Sorry for the Wait

This post will be amended throughout the week to reflect on expected mind-numbing rationalizations that come with addictive withdrawal.

Oh, and, this is a test to see this blog receives any traffic (which is a form of affirmation – both with and without comment, discussion, and/or dialogue.)

Stay Tuned.

37 minutes later, so far so good.

Thursday Update: my inner photographer cracked by posting two pictures on Instagram. 20-something Likes. Still avoiding Twitter – not sure why, Facebook & Linked remain on the Do Not Look list.

Stay Tuned.


~ by Robert Smith on April 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “So It Begins”

  1. This is not an affirmation- just saying I really would like to hear how this quest turns out. Tuning out may be a big productivity booster, so I’m tuning in to your tuning out! Cheers, Sandra

  2. Day 1: It doesn’t help to see 11 FB notifications on my iPhone. Then there was that near disaster violation when habit clicked the desktop browser link for FB. But I did not dawdle and am now working on videography for #MEHRC13.

    Stay tuned.

  3. The quest ended last night with a re-entry onto Facebook. No content was posted, a few postings were liked. I was okay during my hiatus. The pattern was broken without regret. Now I know how to find more time to read more books which will lead to more writing with words.

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