Welcome to Be Better Curated.0.

My 2013 resolution is to Be Better daily. That is the short version. The long version is to Become a Better Being. Welcome to my journey, I won’t be relying on several simple words. Instead, the plan is to seek, then share advice offered by others.

That is where the curated part comes in. Just as a fine art gallery curates its collection, this will be a curated collection of the finest wisdoms, both current, traditional & timeless. Along the way, I hope to learn something.

This is nothing new. Stephen Covey did this while researching his Seven Habits book. In fact, this quest is a direct application of his Seventh Habit — Sharpen The Saw.

I doubt that I can become the next Stephen Covey.

I have no doubt that remaining true to this quest will guide me towards my resolution of Becoming a Better Being. Application case in point, last year’s quest involved taking and posting a picture a day. The final reflections of that quest can be rad about on my Maine Forest Cafe blog. Doing that made me a better photographer. Doing this will help me Be Better daily.



~ by Robert Smith on January 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “BBC.0”

  1. I appreciate your disciplined approach to your quest. I think that was exactly what Covey meant by referring to his self-improvement actions as habits. When someone has a habit they stick to it day-in/day-out. I’m sure I could learn a lesson from this, as my routines are a bit hit and miss at times!

  2. Some of mine miss more than hit. The right ones need to stay on target and the poor ones vanquished.

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