Cupsuptic Sunset

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To seek only perfection is to walk the path of early death.

Achieving this perfection is death for there is nothing left to live or learn.

There is always something next.


There should always be something next.

Seek excellence through continuous improvement.

Then death gets a little further away each day.




Wicked Good HR

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My my new HR blog – is up & running. Stop on by & check it out!

Good Bye

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But I’m not going anywhere, only somewhere else.

This Maine HR is being shut down. started on January 18, 2009. That is a four year, four month, thirteen day run. Over this run, there were 233 posts in 22 categories with 348 tags. Also, there were 7,244 views with 141 comments.

Why now? I am rebranding my HR blog. The new name will be separate from my Maine Cafe family of websites. These other two will remain active& online.


For the immediate future & for the time being, I will be working on the initial website design, content & purpose. My intentions are to become a stronger voice & presence for all things HR with a definitive Maine Yankee flavor.

Stay Tuned & Thank You For Listening.

Introverts – the powerful silent majority

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At today’s HRASM the meeting topic was Appreciating the Strengths and Challenges of Introverts in the Workplace: HR Strategies to Leverage Their Talents and Skills for Engagement and Success.

Amey Leadley & Kim Anania from KMA Consulting presented.

I prefer to subtitle the presentation Introverts – the powerful silent majority.

The presentation was generally spot on. As a 9 out of 12 on the introversion quiz, I remain comfortable with the anecdotal assessment. At the same, the myths seem a bit biased & perhaps stereotypical. Some may in fact be true on an individual basis. Further research, reflection & review is required.

Some useful resources include:

Quiet by Susan Cain

The Introvert Advantage by Martin Laney

I will close with these lyrics from U2’s Miracle Drug

I want a trip inside your head
Spend the day there
To see the things you haven’t said
And see what you may see.

Maine HR Convention 2013 Reflections

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The theme for the 18th annual was Making a Difference. Each attendee should find her or his own subtext, a subtitle for their unique convention experience.

After a few false starts, my subtitle is Safety. More specifically emotional & physical safety. There are paths & themes that support this direction.

Cy Wakeman’s Reality based rules apply. Safety has to be real & drama free.

Senator George Mitchell worked five years in Ireland to bring about safety through the Good Friday Peace Accords.

Teen Truth’s message started me down this path to safety. A common thread through America’s mass murder school students has been disconnected students. Disconnected humans are lonely, alone and at risk first to themselves then others. A disconnected worker is an unsafe worker.

Safety requires emotional awareness, literacy & intelligence. The word that comes to mind is empathy.

Once again, it is time to walk further down this path.

What is your MEHRC2013 take away?

Damned if you do

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Better said, damned when you do or don’t. Watching the final season episode of NCIS. There is a direct correlation between doing the right thing and doing things the right way. There is a difference.

Gibbs invoked either one of the following two rules.
Rule #13: Never, ever involve a lawyer.
Rule #18: It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.

Looking t this further, this is the friction between leadership & management.

Having rules, personal rules are the foundation & boundaries between conduct & misconduct. In HR everyone looks to you to do the right thing, except when that right thing involves ones self. Then we want the one-off exception of benefit of the doubt.

What’s the catch? This known as the tension between ideality & reality.

I’m rambling, stay tuned.